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Staff Skills Training is part of the Be-a Education family and provides learning solutions for businesses of all sizes. They offer staff training to both groups and individuals and cover a very wide range of topics, all of which are fully CPD approved and compiled by experts in each relative field. The four core services are online courses, in-house training, blended learning and reseller opportunities. 

Online Courses

With over 700 eLearning courses, SST offers a comprehensive selection of all sorts of topics. Companies can customise the training package to suit their staff and will receive 24-hour support from one of the many highly capable SST support staff. 

All the courses are compatible with the major browsers and device types, making it convenient to study and revise anywhere and anytime. 

SST also understands how valuable time is for your company, your team and individuals, and, as such, provide a very wide range of courses, from 10-minute lightning courses to comprehensive 40-hour courses. 

Course topics range widely and are too many to mention individually - from admin to fitness and from education to entertainment, SST covers all major topics and are adding new courses to the mix every week. 

For employers and managers looking to empower and train staff, SST offers an administrator feature that gives them access to a detailed dashboard that they can use to monitor and control users and courses. 

Administrators will have access to detailed stats, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to fully track users. They can also add and remove staff members from the various courses. 

In-House Training

SST also offers in-house training solutions where fully qualified trainers come to your place of work and set up a classroom environment. 

These in-house training sessions are bespoke, so you let them know what you need, and they design a tailor-made lesson plan specifically for your needs. 

There are over 600 trainers, all of whom are experts in their fields and none of whom have anything less than 8 years of experience, so you’re in very capable hands. 

These in-house sessions also come with free pre-training assessments, workbooks and can also be filmed so that you can reference them at your leisure after the sessions. 

Blended Learning

With the blended option, you get the best of both worlds - the face-to-face bespoke training sessions backed up with the eLearning courses and the ability to tailor the training to your exact needs. 

This is perfect for catering to different learning styles, schedule clashes and for any company that wants the most comprehensive learning package for their staff.

Reseller Opportunities

Our fourth core service is an affiliate marketing option where you partner with Staff Skills Training and earn money by promoting the online courses on your social media pages or website. 

This is a great opportunity to offer your customer base the best online education options available and, of course, to add an extra revenue stream.

Visit staffskillstraining.co.uk today to find out more about ensuring that each of your staff members are the strongest link in your organisation. 


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