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Staff Training - The Ultimate Investment

The customer might come first, but a very close second for all businesses should be their employees. As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and each staff member is a link in the chain of your business. 

Many things need to be considered regarding keeping staff happy and productive.


Empowered staff are the key to your business success. While motivation and disciplinary factors must always be in place, the most important thing to ensure is that your staff are capable, equipped and empowered to give their absolute best. There are many reasons for this. 


Every study that’s ever been done about what makes some staff more loyal than others, all show that staff who are well-trained and empowered will respond with loyalty. This is because they feel good about what they’re doing, and they do it well. It is very important to note though, that you also need to facilitate the growth of empowered staff within the company, otherwise you’ll find that the opposite happens, and your empowered staff leave for greener pastures. 


Well-trained = hard-working = higher productivity. This might seem very obvious, but it needs to be mentioned as it is the most literal and direct benefit of training your staff thoroughly. It is also important to remember that when faced with an under-performing or underproductive staff member, you should always ask yourself the following questions before taking disciplinary action:

  • Have I done enough to ensure that the staff member knows what they’re doing? 
  • Has the job scope changed due to outside influences and has this caused a once productive staff member to be out of their depth?
  • Can I turn this unproductive staff member into a productive staff member by providing some extra training?

Many times, all a staff member needs is to learn a bit more or be retrained in their position to ensure their productivity, and this is always a better idea than retrenchment or demotion. 


This is often overlooked as a benefit of well-trained staff, but it is true. Empowered and skilled staff can help, uplift and inspire other staff members. Being good at what you do is contagious, and this is something you want to spread around your company. 

The future

As mentioned previously, you need to ensure that well-trained and empowered staff have the scope to expand and develop within your company, and that’s where this huge benefit comes into play. Empowered and highly capable staff are the future managers, CEOs and department heads of the company. Staff training is therefore the ultimate investment in the future of the company. 

The next question you should be asking is, how can you empower staff? The answer to that is really simple - train them thoroughly in the right skills.

Staff Skills Training

Staff Skills Training is part of the Be-a Education family and provides learning solutions for businesses of all sizes. They offer staff training to both groups and individuals and cover a very wide range of topics, all of which are fully CPD approved and compiled by experts in each relative field. The four core services are online courses, in-house training, blended learning and reseller opportunities. Click here to find out about staff training


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