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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cupcakes – News, Skills, Academy's Latest Course Offering

Starting off with a new career is possible as long as you are willing to take the courses you need. Our academy continually offers new courses to ensure you can use your entrepreneurial skills to enhance yourself, your business, or obtain a new career. We have just launched a new course at our Academy that offers you everything you need to know about the Wonderful World of Cupcakes from baking to decorating, as well as how to run your business, hire employees, and make an impact. The Academy’s latest course has plenty to offer you when it comes to cupcakes, cakes, and decorating them in a professional way. The course has been designed with a number of modules to make it possible for any excited person to start their own cupcake business. Cupcakes and cakes are always in need for celebrations, parties, birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions. The trouble is finding quality baked goods. The Wonderful World of Cupcakes course examines how an entrepreneur can start a business, market it and provide quality.

The Structure of the Course

The latest course offering has an easy to read structure throughout all of the modules. Each module begins with an introduction to the current section as well as five points that you will learn about during the course of reading. At the end of each module is a concluding section to sum up everything you learned and then a little five question multiple choice quiz. This enables you to test what you learned and feel comfortable about it before you move on to the next module. The course is set up to flow into each point based on level of importance. A quick introduction to the course is provided first, with modules that explore what is means to run a cupcake establishment from a home or retail location. All of the necessary concepts for starting the business are discussed including how to price your goods and getting the right equipment. The course then moves on to discussing various ways to establish different recipes for different types of occasions such as cupcake recipes versus birthday cake recipes. The course will teach you that there are endless possibilities when it comes to recipes – all it takes is a little imagination. Perhaps you already have recipes you are proud of and have made changes to as a way to make them your own. If not you will learn some steps in how to come up with recipes that you can market as your own product versus some of the cheap methods others have been known to use, such as taking a packet mix from the shop and adding in three ingredients to change the cupcake. As you progress through the cupcake modules you will start to learn more about running a business. Topics such as hiring employees and training them, making sure your taxes are prepared correctly, marketing, and accounting are all a part of running a cupcake business and what some of the modules will teach you.

Gaining Skills

These modules are designed to help you gain book knowledge to hone your skills. The key to the various modules is practise. You have to practise the different techniques of topics like cake decorating and bookkeeping to ensure that you are ready to run your own business, as well as supply superb baked goods to your clients.

Timing of the Course

Each module can be read in under 30 minutes, including taking the quiz. It just depends on how quickly you read and whether you want to take your time to test out a few of the things mentioned before you truly reach the end of the module you are on. The latest course in cupcake baking and decorating is meant to be done on a flexible schedule whether it takes you 10 hours to complete in a matter of days or over a year. At the end there is still the qualification that you are given for taking the course and completing it.

Getting your Start in Business

Some individuals are able to jump right into something and make a new career. However, for most it takes some learning time. For example, a person can be pretty great at baking cupcakes, but it does not mean they know everything there is to know about selling those baked goods. The latest Academy course offering you a start into the Wonderful World of Cupcakes is all about providing you with what you need. You will have a beginning that makes this course your stepping stone to greater things. Once you have been introduced to the nuts and bolts of the cupcake business, you can make changes in your current business or start your own company. Sometimes it helps having a companion to take along with you as you try a new endeavour. This latest course from the Academy is just that – a companion. It is your guide to finding the career you have always wanted. If you decide to go ahead and take this course you will find it is very helpful in a number of aspects as outlined above. All the details are not even discussed here, so you can look forward to finding some surprises waiting for you within the course. There are certain things you may never have thought of or even considered as a way to increase the quality of your baked goods. Even if you are not going to start your own business, you will have some tips and new skills that could prove useful the next time you need to bake a dessert for a party. There are hundreds of ways this new course can be helpful to you. The Academy offers numerous courses in a variety of topics. The cupcake course is just their latest online course with qualification that you can take. With an ever increasing demand for online learning, the Academy will continue to offer new courses in a variety of job industries to help you.

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